Villamar Rational

The architectural morphology of the building is based on a vertical programmatical division. In this play between nature and architecture, the horizontal slabs establish their positioning, contrasting with the rough context. The programmatical setup of the house responds directly to its positioning in the architectural morphology and its connection within nature. A collusion of rational perforated slabs and the rough slopes of the context unite the different architectural elements, levels and programmatic functions of the villa. Arriving on the top slab of the villa, the circulation continues through the house by generating openings for downward circulation along a clear axis, perpendicular to the slabs. Integration of the kitchen and service amenities in the excavated parts of the house creates a functional division in the spatial setup of the villa. All together, the architectural morphology generates a contemporary interpretation of the traditional villas that can be found in the region of Guerrero.






650 m2 / 7,000 ft2


Guerrero, Mexico



A private project on the Punta Garrobo peninsula, just 10 minutes from the center of Zihuatanejo.



Broissin Architects
Thornton Tomasetti
La Metropolitana



Fernando Romero, Romain Thijsen, Federico Serna Giraldo, Alejandro Hernández Morales, Sophie Franquebalme, Emma Noordman, Luis López, Alejandra Soto Valverde, César Melgarejo López, Gaia Cella, Alexandra Lukianova, Libia Castilla, Adriana Merchant.


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