Villa S

The challenge that architects face when designing housing is to consider the greatest and most diverse concentration of efficient use in the smallest space. Villa S was designed with the idea of increasing the habitable area of the property by reducing contact between the structure and the ground.

The living room is the only point lying directly on the terrain, while the rest of the construction floats above, which represents a benefit in a semi-tropical climate. So, the living room becomes the heart and soul of the house.

Located in front of a large park generously crowded with trees, the terrace is designed to create a spiritual space connected to the natural environment. The building is supported by a concrete foundation that acts similarly to the roots of a tree, sustaining the trunk and the branches that constitute the house. The steel structure of the dwelling is maintained by the tension created by the great cantilever that stretches out from the living room, creating a strong line and movement. The rooms are connected to the upper terrace by the very compression of the structure.






400 m2 / 4,305 ft2


Mexico City, Mexico



The house hovers above the ground, the living room being the only point in contact with the latter. The building was inspired by a tree, and the rooms are its branches. The steel structure of the house is maintained in tension.



Fernando Romero, Carlos Bedoya, Mark Seligson, Leon Amezcua, Eduardo Sosa, Omar Gerala Félix, Max Betancourt, Octavio Vazquez, Israel Alvarez, Berenice Ramirez, Carla Cortés, Eduardo Hernández, Humberto Santamaría, Itzel Fernández, Iván Cabello, Jakob Leb, Javier Dircio, Leonardo Méndez, Luis Fuentes, Mauricio Vera, Max García, Armando Niño de Rivera, Ricardo Herrera, Ana Medina, Julio González, Rodolfo Rueda, Javier Martínez, Luis Flores, Thorsten Englert, Ulises Fernández, Wonne Ickx, Alma Ruiz, Diego Eumir Jasso, Eduardo Ezeta, Jean Luc Fugier, Joel Martínez, Pedro Lechuga.


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