Villa E

Villa E is a self-sustaining house designed for the generation of the future. Using advances in product design to bring housing into a new hybridized realm, Villa E illustrates what a home can be from the ground up, bringing together the latest research, technology, and new standards of living into a masterfully crafted dwelling.

This unique residence derives its eye-catching form from simple environmental principles. The sweeping circular roof satisfies the majority of the building’s power needs via embedded photovoltaic cells. The offset building form optimizes shading and minimizes heat gain, while the roof has built-in systems to harvest rainwater for later use. The building form also creates a magnificent central space in the interior, with bedrooms and secondary spaces rotating outwards.

After debuting to a capacity crowd at the FR-EE and Wallpaper magazine party at the famed Bauer Palazzo at the Venice Biennale 15th International Architecture Exhibition, FR-EE’s Villa E concept has swiftly evolved from prototype to the anchor of a first-of-its-kind sustainable community in Mexico. FR-EE’s design attracted the attention of a developer in Jalisco, who commissioned the practice to turn the concept into reality. The results were so impressive that the client decided it should be the anchor of a new masterplanned community, which FR-EE is now designing.






375 m² / 4,036 ft²




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