Tijuana Multi-Docking

The Multi Docking concept is the result of an avant-garde proposal whereby, in Tijuana, Mexico takes advantage of its strategic geographical seaside location and connection to the United States. A large platform “dock” with multiple finger piers, Multi-Docking is designed as a special economic zone with customs preclearance that would accommodate several cargo ships simultaneously and connect to a secure central roadway allowing free access to the United States, the largest consumer market on the planet, and expand San Diego’s overtaxed port.

The plan was developed based on an oval structure which, as a metaphor for the globe’s geographical structure, is divided into sections: each meant for trade with a different geographic region. The building stems from the research of Hyperborder, a publication that compiled important data about the planet’s most active border and presented several proposals of future scenarios for the future of US-Mexico relations.






389,016 m2 /

4,187,329 ft2


Tijuana, Baja California
Matamoros, Tamaulipas



Fernando Romero, Omar Gerala Félix, Pedro Lechuga, Antonio Ramírez, Ulises Fernández.


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