Mexico’s fastest growing resort area offers miles of sprawling desert landscapes and empty beaches. The lure of Los Cabos comes from the laid-back nightlife and old-fashioned fun in the sun.

In this unique context, we developed a spa based on the chakras —the focal points of the body used in meditation practices. The shape of the building consists of the 12 petals of vrittis, its layout based on the Mayan orientation. Inside, the program splits across 4 sections, further subdivided into spherical volumes. These spaces flow one into the other, aligning with the philosophy of the chakras. A central courtyard, circulation path, and patios further open towards the surroundings. Natural vegetation integrates into and around the spa.






2,500 m² /

26,909.78 ft²


Los Cabos, Baja California



A popular beach resort on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, with first-class hotels, trendy restaurants and crystal-clear sea water. This is a popular travel destination all year round.


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