Santa Fe Tower

The Santa Fe area in Mexico City was developed through the reclamation of a garbage dump and the visionary decision to establish a prestigious university here. This area is today a dynamic urban center located in the westernmost part of the city, with low-rise skyscrapers, malls, and all the services of a modern metropolis. The height limit bylaw for buildings was relaxed and increased from 22 levels to 34 or higher. The tower was built with standardized poured concrete. Each level consists of 3 apartments, 160 m2 each, plus a large penthouse on the top level, for a total of 100 apartments and 5 underground parking levels. Without sacrificing efficiency, the building has its own personality and originality, partly derived from its pentagon-based floor plan. To optimize the functionality of the apartments’ layout, bedrooms are located along the flat side of the facade; and living rooms, where people have more open space, are located in the organically-shaped areas, with panoramic windows that allow views of more than 180 degrees.






27,848 m² /

299,759 ft²


Mexico City, Mexico



Migdal Arquitectos


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