Pyramid Tower

Located on the Yucatán Peninsula, the Pyramid Tower is designed for an ever-changing volatile market. FR-EE proposed a design that works equally well for both commercial and residential uses, providing a flexible building that can adapt to the market. The result is a mix of apartments and offices that occupy a volume whose silhouette evokes Mexico’s stepped pyramids.

The building is designed for optimal natural illumination and ventilation incorporating solar panels into the facade. Vegetation on all terraces reduces the building’s cooling demands, as well as capturing rainwater. These elements are a few of the resources that make this structure an icon of efficiency and sustainability.






36,821 m² /

396,338 ft²


Mérida, Mexico



Located on the Yucatán Peninsula, it maximizes the remarkable view of the rainforest. Efficient cross-ventilation minimizes energy consumption and reduces the use of mechanical systems. Flexible usage makes it adaptable to market conditions.



Fernando Romero, Joana Gomes, Jonathan Louie, Liz Kelsey, Joshua Petrie, Lilas Wang, Guanghong Ou, Prabhu Sugumar, Jenny Lee, Wenjia Wu, Patricia Echeverría, Kevin Lee, Juan Pedro López, and Pedro Lechuga.


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