A competition by invitation, FR-EE proposed a building that addresses the three needs of the Omnilife Corporation for new headquarters, administrative offices, and hotel suites. Situated on the northeastern outskirts of Guadalajara, the new building creates a dynamic environment among other megastructures, including the Omnilife Stadium, the fourth largest stadium in Mexico.

The sphere is dynamically shaped and illuminated to resemble a flame. This shape is also present in the company’s logo, reinforcing the brand through architecture, and carries with it sports symbolism when viewed in context with the neighboring stadium.

Conceived as a tower, it features a double-skin facade punctuated with bold diagonals, adding movement to the volume’s surface. The sphere’s varying width allows for versatile spaces and unique interiors. A concentrated structural core configures multiple spaces according to their structure within the larger corporation and urban plan. To integrate sustainability, a gray-water system and natural ventilation are used throughout the entire building.






107,941 m² /

1,161,866 ft²


Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico



Situated adjacent to Mexico’s fourth largest stadium, the spherical shape of this mega-structure reinforces the brand’s logo via the symbolism of architecture and sport. It fulfils the three needs of the Omnilife Corporation for headquarters with offices and hotel suites.



Fernando Romero, Joana Gomes, Mauricio Ceballos Pressler, Ana Rita Alves, Adrian Krezlik, Leni Farenzena, Juan Carlos Ramos, Claudia Santos, Astrid Rovisco Suzano, Susana Hernández, Raúl Soria, Libia Castilla, Liliana Viveros, Cristian Lera Silva, Adrián Aguilar, Mario Espinoza, Heidi Blais


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