NoMad Tower

With the rich history of the area and its location within the rapidly changing NoMad district, FR-EE’s proposal for a new tower brings innovative architecture into the fabric of midtown, from the streetscape to the skyline. FR-EE approached this project and the area’s residential revitalization with the same degree of spirit and innovation that fuelled its prosperity in the early 20th century.

A close evaluation of the site resulted in a tower that is compressed at its center, placing conventional massing on the north of the site, and creating a public plaza on the south side.

The manipulation and pinching of the form in the middle of the tower reflects the program. The lower levels are allocated to a hotel with a selection of upscale restaurants and shops, while the upper levels are reserved for residential one and two-level apartments. There is an entrance on the north side for the residents and an entrance on the south side for the hotel, with the welcoming plaza serving as a transitional space between the street and the building, extending the garden of the landmarked Collegiate Church that stands to the east of the site. An atrium is built within the hotel to bring light and greenery to each level. A portion of the building’s program is also allocated to church facilities and includes a black-box theater.

The garden plaza establishes a beautiful breathing space in the density of the city, inviting people into the experience of the garden and the sculptural form of the building that rises from it.






37,161 m2 /

400,000 ft2


Manhattan, New York






Design of a landmark tower in NoMad, Manhattan. Hotel and residential building with commercial lower levels on a 400,000 ft2 site. A tower, which is compressed in its center, and opens toward a garden.



Fernando Romero, Sergio Rebelo, Brian Slocum, Sang-Uk.


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