Moebius Bridge

Following the principles of the Moebius strip, the Moebius Bridge creates a space where the city is best viewed from the river. The bridge is more than just a passageway, it is an endless path that binds two cities—Lent and Tabor—and is symbolic of these cities’ historical relationships with both each other and the river. The bridge is made of prefabricated modular sections, each manufactured from 30-mm highstrength steel welded into homogenous structural shells. The elevation of the structure is two simple arches. Together with the modular sections, these arches form a sufficient skeleton to span the river’s 130 meters. The elements are assembled off-site, guaranteeing precision of construction and efficient use of materials. They are then transported to an on-site shop, where they are welded together into larger sections and crane-lifted onto a barge. From here the sections of the bridge are hydraulically lifted into place and attached to the base structure. This process allows quick, efficient construction with minimal impact on the building site.






1,485 m2 / 15,984 ft2


Maribor, Slovenia





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