Mercedes Benz

The challenge in creating a new Mercedes Benz Business Center in Yerevan lies in finding a solution which expresses a trademark, while simultaneously relating to a historic city rich in culture and tradition. The Mercedes Benz logo itself provides a diagram for the architectural solution: each of the three major programs is to be accommodated in one of the three wings, creating an iconic building. The form is set on an axis with Teryan Street, thereby aligning the building with the city’s historic center. Each program is placed for maximum performance and functionality. The offices are in the lower northwest-facing wing, allowing natural daylight while avoiding the effects of excessive heatgain and glare from direct sunlight. Terraced residential units are in the lower southeast wing to enjoy direct natural sunlight and air, as well as views of the city and mountains beyond. The Intercontinental Hotel crowns the composition, occupying the upper wing as the predominant feature of the complex, when viewed from the city and surrounding areas. A giant atrium accommodates both the building’s point of entry and a multifunctional space where public activities can occur, while providing views of the city and Mount Ararat beyond.






63,124 m² / 679,460 ft²


Yerevan, Armenia









Fernando Romero, Joana Gomes, Joshua Petrie, Guanghong ou, Prabhu Sugumar, Lilas Wang, Ihn Huh, Jenny Lee, Anupa Redy, Juan Olmos, Kevin Lee, Pedro Lechuga.


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