Media Museum

This museum in the Middle East is dedicated to collecting and exhibiting photography and photographic equipment.

Inspired by the mechanics of the camera, FR-EE’s design functions as a large public canopy providing shaded public outdoor areas, water features, and local vegetation. Within the museum, the spatial sequence draws inspiration from the complexity of a camera lens.

The interior is organized radially from the center of the building with a spiraling ramp that connects the spaces to emphasize continuity. The facade is composed of a splayed steel structure, clad in thin panels of local stone that interpret traditional Islamic motifs in an intricate hexagonal pattern. Calculated to perform as natural sunshades according to environmental conditions, the canopy’s perforations in the stone panels allow the main lobby to be naturally illuminated and casts lattice-like shadows that animate the space.






3,800 m² / 40,903 ft²


Doha, Qatar



A perforated steel structure clad in locally-sourced stone reflecting traditional Middle Eastern architecture.
The form emulates the shutter of a camera lens and creates shade from the sun and harsh desert climate.



Fernando Romero, Sergio Rebelo, Antonia Wai, Leonidas Trampoukis, Fernando Torres, Ryan Kukuraitis, Unai Artetxe, Luying Guo, Yimin Yang, Junghoon Jin, Kai Liao, Alex Middleton.


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