Lisbon Cruise Terminal

Lisbon’s municipal government initiated a design competition in 2010 for a new Cruise Terminal, hoping to take advantage of the increasing numbers of tourists visiting the city each year and continue the revitalization the city had been experiencing.

Located on a privileged site amongst important visitor attractions, the new Cruise Terminal sits directly in front of Lisbon’s oldest district, the Alfama, at the nexus of the Tejo River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Knowing the project would redefine the city’s historic skyline, FR-EE’s proposal comprised an undulating roof. This simple and elegant gesture creates a sensual, organic structure that makes a soft transition between city and sea, bringing the architecture to a human scale. The roof frames an open-air public plaza on a concrete slab below that forms a welcoming outdoor terrace. Interior and exterior are blurred, encouraging movement through and around the site.

The building’s roofline expresses the program underneath and pitched heights accommodate segregated embarking and disembarking passenger areas on separate levels, to allow for the more efficient use of passenger space while reducing congestion. Both gangways attach to the arrival and departure halls, waiting rooms, check-in, ticketing, and luggage areas; the lower heights contain spaces for support services and offices. The entrance hall houses restaurants, retail, and other traveler amenities, as well as flexible spaces for passive recreation and even a performance space.






8,600 m² / 92,570 ft²


Lisbon, Portugal



APL, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa



This contemporary and flexible terminal structure on the historic waterfront stimulates the local and regional economy by capitalizing on a beautiful setting. The turnaround rate is increased and the city’s capacity will be boosted from 500,000 cruise passengers to more than 1.8 million by 2020.



Fernando Romero, Sérgio Rebelo, Astrid Rovisco, Pedro Lechuga, Itzia Guzmán, Sophie Lufkin, João Rainha Castro, Nuno Costa, Joaquim Viseu, Sofia Carmine, Pedro Albuquerque, João Sousa, Fernando Palma Ruivo, Carlos Marinez Bustelo, and António Ferreira.


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