Kering Office, a workspace for the future

August 12, 2021

During the inauguration we were accompanied by Laurent Claquin, CEO for Kering Americas, who highlighted that “creativity is a priority within our strategy” Kering opens up the possibilities for their brands to set new limits in their creative expression, while making tomorrow’s luxury in a responsible and sustainable way. Our ideology is reflected in the slogan “Empowering Imagination”. Also, during the inaugural presentation we found the prestigious architect Fernando Romero founder of FR-EE and creator of the Soumaya Museum, among others.

“The offices are highly illuminated” with the objective, as Romero points out, “to create a space that will turn out dynamic and calm, ensuring comfort, security and well being for all the employees. Having as structural base the development of thermic, lighting and acoustic comfort, the building receives natural light across all of the spaces, highlighting Kering’s commitment with a healthy and efficient workplace.”