Kering Mexico: winner of the World Design Awards 2021

October 20, 2021

We are deeply honored to announce that our most recent project, Kering Mexico, has been selected winner at the World Design Awards 2021 for the Corporate Interior Built category.

The new Kering offices are located in the Polanco area of Mexico City. Their construction was completed in the first days of January 2021 with a total area of 740 sq m. The goal was to create a space that was both dynamic and calming while ensuring the comfort, safety, and wellness of employees.

Located on two levels of a corporate building that are linked by a sculptural helical staircase, which serves as a focal element that can be seen from any point in the office. The offices were designed to obtain LEED Gold certification.

Thanks to all the team that was part of it.

Design team: Fernando Romero, Mauricio Ceballos, Liliana Viveros, Fernando Talamantes, Armando Montiel, César López, José María Padilla.

Team of collaborators: Monserrat Padilla, L+F Iluminación, Saad Acustica, Tridim, Three

Suppliers: Pasta Lisso, Corev Pintura Vinimex Toledano K05-07, Comex Hoeebeek Blanc,Tekno Step, SoundRey R15/30 N1, Panel Rey David, Pompa Mola MX, La Metropolitana, Domus Design, Breuer Studio, Studio Roca, Veta MX.