Island Museum

Inspired by a spirit of pluralism and modernity, the Island Museum provides a platform for contemporary visual and performance art, craft, architecture, and design. The building’s ambitious architecture boldly announces the vast range of collections, programs, and performance spaces inside. With 6,000 m2 of soaring double-height galleries, the building is a spectacular setting for art and a monumental work of art in itself.

Housing regional and international art side-by-side, the museum provides visitors with an educational setting for contemporary art and performance. A workshop suite engages children and adults in art-making and art-understanding, working alongside renowned and emerging artists, architects and designers. A 1,000 seat multi-purpose hall is designed to be technologically and programmatically flexible, with exceptional acoustics and a sense of spatial intimacy that bring the audience closer to the performer.

Multiple terraces take advantage of the stunning setting, expansive views, and subtropical climate. A civic plaza at ground level connects visitors to the outdoors and water, with performance spaces to host a variety of programs and events.






35,000 m2 /

376,736 ft2





Colinas de Buen, Lord


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