Fernando Romero selected as jury for The Last Genocide Memorial Competition

September 13, 2021

The Last Genocide is looking for submissions for a memorial that honours all the victims of genocides throughout history. Participants are tasked with exploring architecture as a tool that can help to communicate these tragedies to different groups of people around the world. The memorial needs to educate visitors of the causes of these terrible events, their impact on the wider communities, how they’re still affected to this day, and do so in a sensitive way that shows respect to the many individuals who lost their lives during genocides.

The Last Genocide Memorial competition is being run in partnership with the City of Brampton Canada, Brampton Tamil Association (BTA), and Brampton Tamil Seniors Association (BTSA). They’re currently calling for legislation to recognise the atrocities that took place in the Sri Lankan Civil War, in which thousands of civilians lost their lives.

Together with Bartosz Haduch, David Telerman, Kerem Cengiz, Joseph Weishaar and Kyle Schumann, Fernando Romero will be part of the international jury for The Last Genocide Memorial organized by Bee Breeders.