Energy Pavilion

The architecture and exhibition design offers a complete overview of nuclear energy and its future goals. The Atomic Pavilion provides three levels of experiential exhibition design: learning about the PAST, participating in the PRESENT, and discovering the FUTURE.

The PAST is underground, viewed as an archive and memorial. This space and its information mark the foundation of the industry. Its unbiased history, emphasizing the positives and negatives, shows and signifies how Rosatom grows and improves upon its wealth of knowledge.

The open, climate-controlled plaza represents the PRESENT, sharing current/ongoing progress and achievements in the nuclear garden, a space specifically dedicated to educating Russia’s youth and the next generations—one that relies heavily on a transparent communication platform. The central ramp orbits around the dome, moving visitors through different vantage points of the dynamic activities in the public plaza. Visitors are active participants, browsing and displaying information projected onto the dome.

Along with this ramp, visitors discover the Atomarium, the heart of DISCOVER FUTURE Rosatom’s vision and the architecture. This nucleus of the building shapes the Atomic Pavilion’s iconic structure and identity. It is a mystical and surprising space that leads visitors to the FUTURE. Views to the VDNH Park provide an inspiring backdrop for a moment of repose, thought, reflection and inspiration.






15,000 m2 /

161,459 ft2


Moscow, Russia






IND Architects, Moscow, Russia
Werner Sobek New York and Moscow
Local Projects, New York



Moscow has grown up around a central river with a constellation of parks and is undergoing continuous expansion. The architecture of the VDNH Park tells the story of Russia’s history—from the eclectic to the modern.


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