Cervantes Tower

The tower was designed as a later addition to the masterplan of Plaza Carso for the renovation of a former industrial area in the northwest of the city. This was the opportunity for us to develop a mixed-use complex that includes a shopping mall, offices, apartments, a theater, and two new museums.

The area is now an attractive cultural and commercial destination, and the tower adds to its dynamism as it faces the Soumaya Museum and Jumex Contemporary Art Foundation. Maximizing the interesting views on all sides thanks to its orientation, asymmetrical plan, and elliptical shape, the Cervantes Tower participates in a subtle dialogue with the organic shape of the Soumaya Museum and the steel roof of the Cervantes Theater in the center of the plaza.

The tower hides a vertebral spine that provides structural rigidity to sustain its 22 stories while housing all vertical services. The continuous window facade that can open completely allows efficient crossventilation, minimizing inner energy consumption, and reducing the use of artificial energy.






24,178 m² /

260,250 ft2


Mexico City, Mexico



Migdal Arquitectos



Fernando Romero, Julio César González, Mauricio Ceballos, César Martínez López, Omar Flores Sánchez, Luis Ricardo García Sandoval, Gabriela López Murillo , Carlos Cifuentes, Eleazar Fernández, Dante Soria González, Raúl Soria, Erik Martell López, Libia Castilla, Ana Medina, Joana Gomes, Tiago Pinto de Carvalho, Pedro Lechuga, Juan Pedro López, Rodolfo Rueda, Georges Batzios, Astrid Rovisco.


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