Bryant Park Tower

Located on a site overlooking Bryant Park and the Main Branch of the New York Public Library, this building is designed to be a player in the midtown rezoning that aims to transform and reinvigorate this area. Through juxtaposing the form with the current buildings as well as activating the streetscape, the tower is designed to be an icon of the new era, that will invigorate and beautify the block.

FR-EE took the concepts of real-estate value and view to drive the design of Bryant Park Tower. Conceiving it as an inverted pyramid within the dense fabric of the city, the lower levels of the building were compressed to create space for a verdant public plaza that extends into Bryant Park. The upper levels were stretched to increase the floor area of the penthouses, taking full advantage of the 360-degree stunning views of Manhattan.

The lower commercial and hotel levels benefit from the public plaza that creates a unique ground level condition for the building and activates the southern side of 40th Street, creating an attractive indoor/ outdoor context for the allocated program.






20,439 m2 /

220,003 ft2


Manhattan, New York



Design of a landmark tower over Bryant Park, in Manhattan. Hotel and residential building with commercial lower levels on a 12,178 ft2 site. An inverted pyramid optimizes the views on the upper levels and activates the street-scape through a public plaza on the ground floor.


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