Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura

Located in Mexico City, Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura promotes, exhibits, revises, and disseminates design in its many forms. Founded by Mexican architect Fernando Romero in 2012, the archive consists of two collections: one of over 1,300 Mexican and international industrial design icons and a second of bibliographical holdings dedicated to the architectural discipline. The collection is open to the public by appointment.

The archive collaborates with various curatorial and exhibition frameworks, contests, conferences, and activities advancing critical exchanges. We aim to connect the academic and creative community with the public to continuously define Archivo’s identity and establish the initiative as a pioneer in Mexico and internationally.

Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura has been configured as a constant dialogue among industrial designers, architects, plastic artists, curators, and specialized advisors. As it examines designs, guidelines and interpretations, the initiative investigates context and production, while standing as a creative and innovative enterprise.


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