Alamo Museum Architectural Design

Few other places on earth possess the intense confluence of history and culture of the Alamo. Its moment of greatest significance is unquestionably the 1836 Siege and desperate struggle. The Alamo Museum will need to contribute to the entire experience of those seeking the essence of that event. The museum also needs to provide the context for that moment, so people can comprehend and appreciate the Alamo’s many and sometimes conflicting meanings.

In our approach to fully integrate the design of the Alamo Museum into the overall Alamo site development, we have articulated our thinking around two key concepts.

The renewal of the relationship between the historical site of the Alamo and the San Antonio River—a foundational anchor of the Alamo Mission and the City of San Antonio—is a central part of the success of the masterplan. The Museum and Mission Plaza should bolster this existing connection, drawing visitors from the surrounding area and giving context to the Church—the indisputable centerpiece of the world-renowned heritage site.






12,077 m² /

130,000 ft²


San Antonio, Texas USA



Alamo Masterplan Management Committee



Muñoz & Company
LORD Cultural Resources



The Museum’s positioning on the site will frame the Mission Plaza and help define the space. A discreet volume on the west side of the site will reflect the footprint of the Alamo Mission and create a plaza where visitors can gather and tour the historic structures. The Museum’s low profile will not overshadow the existing heritage.


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